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By incorporating the Power Transfer Kit into your home or RV you’ll be able to more easily harness the power of the Nature’s Generator to keep your critical items going in case of power loss.

As the Power Transfer Kit links Nature's Generator to the existing power lines in your indoor breaker panel, you can continue providing power without having to move big items like your refrigerator or getting into tight corners to unplug devices from your wall.

What's even better is that the Power Transfer Kit doesn't have to be used only during power loss. By incorporating the Power Transfer Kit in your off-grid homes or cabins, you can continually power your most needed devices with the help our Nature's Generator Gold System or Nature's Generator Platinum System. Or go even further by customizing a Nature's Generator system that fits your specific off-grid needs!

Common circuits to keep backed up: 
- Lights
- Garage Doors
- Refrigerators/Freezers
- Common areas

Remember! Run-times with the Power Transfer Kit are dependent on what you’re powering and what Nature’s Generator system setup you currently have. 

IMPORTANT: Installation of the Power Transfer Kit must be performed by a qualified electrician in compliance with all applicable electrical codes.


Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit Highlights

  • The Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit can be installed next to almost any indoor breaker panel. By connecting your Nature's Generator to the Power Transfer Kit you'll more easily be able to continue providing power to your most needed items in case of power loss.

How to use your Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit

  • Fit the female connector of the included power cord into the power inlet of your Power Transfer Switch.
  • Insert the male plug into any of the AC outlets on the Nature's Generator.

Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit

Features & Battery Data

  • Connects to indoor breaker panel
  • Use during power loss or as main source of power transfer


  • Product dimensions - Power Transfer Switch: 8 x 4.75 x 13.25 in.
  • Weight out of box: Power Transfer Switch - 12 lbs
  • Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
  • Storage temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
  • Warranty: 12 Months