Frontier Coop | Kombucha Starter Kit by Masontops

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Everything Needed to Start Brewing Homemade Kombucha (Includes All of the Ingredients to Activate the SCOBY with Instructions on how to use it to Brew Kombucha).



The Masontops Complete Kombucha Starter Kit is designed to replace DIY solutions that are prone to failure and aren't reusable. Our Kit can be used to activate the included kombucha SCOBY (a live culture that supports the fermentation process) and brew endless amounts of kombucha in wide-mouth Mason jars. The lid is easy to use and can be washed and reused for endless use. 


Package Content

Includes 1 red reusable kombucha lid, 1 SCOBY, 2 black tea bags, cane sugar and a thermometer