Clean Green Solar Machine | Personal Power Plant 12kWh

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The Clean Green Solar Machine is first-to-market technology featuring an advanced mobile energy system providing production management, storage and in depth monitoring in one elegant design. 

The Clean Green Solar Machine (CGSM) is the first scalable Personal Power Plant and is the future of reliable and uninterrupted renewable energy; it is the most innovative and versatile power source on the market, uniquely possessing the ability to both produce and store clean energy at the same time. The CGSM has the ability to provide uninterrupted power by using its ultra-intelligent on-board battery management system. The CGSM is the only Personal Power Plant in the world with a computerized energy management system and it operates without ever needing to be replenished with combustible fuel.


  • 12kWh of stored battery power
  • Overload shut down
  • 7.2 kW AC Output
  • Pure sine wave power
  • 110/220V split phase
  • 50/60 HZ
  • Built-in, two-way transfer switch
  • Real-time input/output gauge
  • Auto-Walk Drive System


  •  Size – 29” W x 41” L x 40” H
  • Weight – 820lbs.
  • Storage Capacity – 12kWh-24kWh
  • AC Input – 120/220 V AC
  • Solar input - 150VDC, 80AMP
  • Wind turbine Input – 150VDC, 80 AMP
  • AC Output - 100% Pure sine wave
  • 7,200 W Continuous Output
  • AC Surge 18000 W for 10 Seconds
  • AC Surge 12000 W for 3 Minutes
  • AC output voltage – 120/220 Simultaneously
  • AC output hertz - 50 or 60 (automatic hertz adjuster)
  • Meters output – AC WATTS
  • Meters input – DC WATTS
  • Generator remote start back up feature
  • The CGSM's Boost model can double the storage capacity to 24kWh


  • Save money by eliminating costly fuel

  • 100% safe

  • Emission Free

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% silent

  • Indoor/Outdoor/Underground use

  • Remote Power

  • Reliable Backup Power during outages

  • Mobile Power wherever needed

  • Versatile Power Management (solar, wind, grid)


Homeowners affected by an unreliable electrical grid
Daily savings and emergency backup power.


Agricultural & Mining Industries
Clean, immediate, and fuel free power available for any location to easily power your operation.


Off-Grid Power
Take control of your power when you want it and where you want it.


Telecom & Medical Equipment
A steady stream of clean energy for vital 24/7 needs.


Construction Projects
Mobile power when and where you need it.

Disaster Relief & Emergency Response
Rapid deployment featuring convenient mobility.