Who We Are

A little about us:

Who we are: Mike Rutledge and Gemma Garcia

WiBuy consists of Mike and Gemma.

Mike studied renewable energy in the mountains of NC and then worked in solar and various industries after while Gemma worked in IT in the Philippines, Seattle, and now Charlotte, NC.

We met last year and worked together a bit while Mike was starting the business with a high school friend, Josh. After a while, Josh needed to leave for family obligations and Gemma stepped in bringing technical skills and media producer talents.

Wi-Buy is a business with aspirations. Renewable energy and technology are exploding and we want to educate you on the innovations as we know it can be hard to keep up, but most of all, we want to put sustainable, high quality gear in your hand for all of your adventures and bring you quality content in whatever media you consume.

We love what we do and we are just as passionate as you about the freedom that comes in making your own power and getting off the grid. We seek to give you the resources you need to learn and be successful. We want to give back to our community and world.

- Mike & Gemma

We will be advocates for, educate and connect consumers with the highest quality, innovative products in self-sufficiency.  We will provide outstanding service through the whole process. We want to help prepare people for whatever life throws at them, whether its natural or human-made disasters, remote living, or recreational needs.

Carry staple products to allow people to be as self-sufficient as possible, while always innovating and staying connected to distributing the latest and most innovative products out on the market. We want to foster a community, education on our products and connect people with others in the community to increase social bonds, resilience, and promote sustainability in our communities, families, cities, environment, workforce and economy.