Sharing in the Disruption Podcast



 We are working on getting a podcast started in self-sufficiency and renewable energy, but being financially secure is a form of self-sufficiency and I have a weekly podcast that discusses the crazy times we are in and how we can get a piece of the pie in the form of investing in the technologies of the future.

(i.e solar, wind, fuel cell, smart cities, 3D printing, biotech, ai, electric cars, genomics, blockchain/bitcoin and battery technology.)

Join us each week!

Sharing in the Disruption Podcast  -

We are entering the 4th Industrial Revolution & it is easy to feel left behind. Lets find ways to be a part of it together through innovative investing. Come! Join me.

Episode 1.0 - introduction to disruption 

Episode 2.0 - what do Tesla and crystal meth have in common?

Episode 3.0 - Big Brother-Tube Strikes Crypto... & Boeing Takes a Nose-Dive