5% back for People & Planet

Here at Wi-Buy, we believe in giving back from our blessings and that we are part of a movement that is bigger than us. In order to be the most effective, we want to give some of our resources to non-profits that are doing wonderful work throughout the world and can affect change where we cannot. We carefully select organizations that help make more resilient local communities and advance renewable energy and sustainability.

We are very excited to be supporting the honnoldfoundation and the amazing work they are doing to give back to our communities.

We will be giving 5% of each sale from Wi-Buy to them to do great things, as we believe if you are blessed, you should also bless others. We feel their vision aligns flawlessly with ours.

You may know Alex Honnold from the outdoor film “Free Solo”, but he is also very passionate about preserving cultures and community’s in rapidly industrializing areas, training the workforce’s of tomorrow through job training in renewable energy, and distributing solar to developing nations to give them the same chances the west has enjoyed and encourage sustainability. 

You can donate independently by going to their website and giving as well!

visit honnoldfoundation.org to join the mission and learn more!