Camping & Portable Solutions

The backcountry is a beautiful place, but it can be unforgiving, You always want to make sure you have the materials and supplies you need for the trip you are undertaking. 

Planning involves taking pack weight and needs into consideration and balancing out the two.

Every trip will be different so it would be a good idea to have an extra bin to throw unneeded items into next to your main gear storage. Each trip it will easily be on hand and can be adjusted accordingly.


What to Bring Backpacking:


Hiking Boots or Shoes



Sleeping Bag and Pad

Source of Power and Storage

Communication Device 

Stove and Fuel

Kitchen Supplies

Enough Food (and some extra)

Water Bottles and Water Treatment Supplies

Appropriate Clothing for the Season

Emergency and Hygiene Supplies

Small Repair Kit

The Ten Essentials


Full Breakdown....


Backpack Gear:


Backpack with raincover

Backpack tent with stakes

Sleeping bag with stuff sack

Silk sleeping bag liner (for dirt and extra heat)

Headlamp or Flashlight (with extra bateries)

Extra Headlamp



Fleece stuff sack that doubles as a pillow

Trekking Poles

Tent footprint

Bear spray



Backpacking stove


Cookset (with pot grabber)


Eating Utensils


Biodegradeable soap

Small quick-dry towel

Collapsible water container

Bear cannister/food sack (required in certain areas), or hang bag + 50' nylon cord


Food and Water

While on the move; energy bars, jerky, hard cheeses, dried fruit and nuts that can easily be eaten while moving

Lunch, more robust snack break - tortillas, bagels, cheese, salsa, peanut butter and jelly, bananas, raisins, honey, nutella,  pizza sauce and salami and pepperoni

Look at available water sources where you are going. Drink 1/2 liter of water per hr of moderate activity in moderate temps. Observe your pee! clear=good light yellow=drink more dark yellow=warning!!!! Mix salts and/or electrolytes in some form in your water when sweating heavily. 

water bottles and/or reservoir

water filter/purifier/ or chemical treatment










  1. Anchorage 
  • Arctic Adventure Hostel
  • Base Camp Anchorage
  • Prop Inn Downtown
  • Bent Prop Inn

      2. Fairbanks

  • -Billie's Backpackers Hostel
  • -Glacier House



  • Grand Canyon International Hostel


  • The Metcalf House



Little Rock

  • Little Rock Firehouse Hostel & Museum



 Los Angeles

  • USA Hostels Hollywood
  • Los Angeles - Santa Monica
  • Walk of Fame Hollywood Hostel
  • Samesun Venice Beach
  • Banana Bungalow Hollywood

San Francisco

  • USA Hostels San Francisco
  • Green Tortoise Hostel
  • San Francisco - Downtown
  • Orange Village Hostel
  • Amsterdam Hostel

San Diego

  • USA Hostels Ocean Beach
  • San Diego - Point Loma
  • USA Hostels San Diego
  • San Diego - Downtown
  • FabulousLucky D's


  • Yosemite International Hostel
  • South Lake Tahoe
  • Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort

 South Lake Tahoe

  • Mellow Mountain Hostel



  • 11th Avenue Hostel
  • Ember Hostel
  • Hostel Fish


  • Fireside Inn
  • The Bivvi
  • Silverthorne
  • The Mountaineer

Colorado Springs

  • Colorado Adventure Hostel

       4. Vail

  • The Bunkhouse

Washington DC

  • Duo Housing DC                                                                                   
  • HI Washington DC
  • DC Lofty - Convention Center
  • Hilltop Hostel
  • Capital View



  • Generator Miami
  • Rock Hostel
  • Miami Beach Bikini Hostel Cafe & Beer Garden
  • Miami Beach International Hostel
  • Freehand Miami

Fort Lauderdale
Hotel DEAUVILLE (Inn, hostel & crewhouse)
From US$30.97
8.9FabulousHollywood Beach Hostel
From US$27.50
7.3Very GoodSheridan Hostel
From US$17.40
7.1Very GoodCrocodhouse
From US$35.00
Key West
View all 2 Properties
7.1Very GoodSeashell International Hostel And Motel
From US$55.13
9.2SuperbNot Your Average Hotel
From US$24.50
View all 7 Properties
10.0SuperbAAE Clarion Universal
From US$24.14
7.2Very GoodBHostels International Drive North
From US$21.52
7.1Very GoodMonumental Hotel Orlando
From US$37.50
View all 1 Properties
8.8FabulousGram's Place BnB/Hostel
From US$18.33






Long Distance Hiking: