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Solar Generators  cover it all. Solar Generator is a fancy term for one unit that combines all the parts for storing solar energy that used to be separately wired together. It allows you to "plug and play" with nothing to think about except how much storage you need to get you through your activities. 

That can vary dramatically; 

charging a phone? You don't need much! Adding a computer? Gonna need more! Backing up a fridge? A decent sized one will be necessary. 

Think about how many days you will have to go before charging again.

Any questions? We can help! Just let us know what devices you want to charge, and for how long!

Oh and these are lithium batteries so they are light, can be mostly discharged and they last a long time!

Capacity: Lithium battery 50AH/540WH
Continuous Power: 500W
Over-load Protection: 550W±50W
Peak Output Power: 1000W
Output Waveform: Pure sine wave
DC Adapter Input Charge: DC 24V/3.75A
AC Output Voltage: AC110V±10% 60Hz/AC220V± 10%
Output Real Power: 87%
Quiescent Current:<3.5mA
Under-voltage: 8.5±0.5V
Over-voltage Protection: 13±0.5V
Fuse: 3*30A
Overheat Protection: >65°C
Cooling Fan: Temperature control fan
Short-circuit Protection: Have
USB Output: TYPE-C+2.4A+2.4A+QC3.0
DC Output 1: Cigarette lighter 12V/8A
DC Output 2: 12V*2 output ports (4A+4A)
LED Lighting: 4W LED Light
LED Instruction: Battery level, percentage, time, fan, DC, USB, AC output power, over temperature, as picture
Solar Input Charging Panel(Optional): Voltage 18V 100W-200W
Solar Panel Voltage: DC12V-24V
Size/Weight: 10.24*6.7*6.82in / 5.5kg (12.13 lb)