The Amazing Spiderwort! Identification and Uses

The Amazing Spiderwort! Identification and Uses

        Hello All, I was reading through some comments on the Wibuy Community Facebook Group and stumbled on a question from one of our members asking about the uses of the Virginia Spiderwort. A very common plant in the eastern United States and Canada. Believe me, This plant has allot of uses so I figured I'd compile some information on the blue-ish violet flower for all of our readers. 

        In this article we'll discuss not only its medicinal uses but also how to identify this plant. It is important to be able to identify it correctly because it has a cousin that grows in the central American states, the western spiderwort, that is listed as threatened in 19 states. There is also another species of plant that goes by the same common name. It is toxic to humans and is a skin irritant but don't worry. They look nothing alike.

        Identification: So lets get into it. The Virginia spiderwort grows in clumps that can grow over 20 inches tall. They have rounded single stalks or the stalks will branch out at the base of the stalk. It is a perennial plant that flowers between May and October depending on the region you live in. The flowers are usually a bright blue or purple, and can sometimes even be white. The flowers grow in little clusters. The blooms appear daily and rarely last more then 2 days before wilting. They have a slight fragrance and measure from 1 to 2 inches across. The leaves are long and dark green. The leaves almost look like grass growing off of the stalk and are typically bent over in the middle.

Spiderwort Leaves

Spiderwort Flowers


Spiderwort Stalks 


        Uses: Spiderwort can be used as food and medicine. It is edible. The leaves and flowers can be thrown on salads or brewed into tea and soups. The seeds are a bit bitter but can be roasted and eaten. FUN FACT. Dried, powdered flowers used to be used as a snuff to cure nosebleeds. The leaves can be put on external wounds to help in the healing process, and ingesting this plant can help with several different symptoms including-

  • Diarrhea
  • Pain relief
  • Some Intestinal Parasites
  • Cold/ flu Symptom relief
  • Slow the bleeding of small wounds if applied topically
  • Vomiting
  • Hemorrhoids
  • and many more symptoms

Spiderwort is also said to help increase breast milk production in humans.


        This is really just a good all around tonic. Healthy and natural medicinal properties make this plant a very valuable resource when your sick. keep some in your garden at home because you never know when you might need it.

        Hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to comment on your experiences or thoughts on this plant.

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