Minnesota is Rockin it.

Minnesota is Rockin it.

        Whats up guy's. Minnesota is Killing it right now! Do you know what community solar projects are? Well basically they allow state residents to opt into solar systems that aren't on their property and then credit their energy consumption from the community solar system to there energy bill. It really is awesome. I wish there was one in our community. I'd love to get involved in a project like this.

Community Solar Farms 

        So The Institute for Local Self Reliance, Vote Solar and the Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association released reports recently that stated some pretty cool news. The reports state that Minnesota is the leading state in the nation in community solar projects. Minnesota has 208 community solar projects around the state. That's enough solar energy to power 100,000 typical american households!

      The Minnesota Solar Gardens report stated some very interesting things... It  stated the following...

  • More than 14,000 Minnesota customers have signed up for community solar, including over 12,000 households and 2,000 business, non-profit and public-sector customers.
  • Community solar employed over 4,000 workers in Minnesota in 2018, including many family-wage construction jobs. “Solar installer” was the fastest growing job category in the country.
  • Community solar projects currently pay about $5 million a year to Minnesota family farmers for leases and royalty payments. Counting all projects operating or under construction, about 354 landowners will receive a total of $182 million in leases and royalties over the next 25 years.
  • Community solar projects will contribute over $3 million this year in taxes to counties and towns through property tax revenues and the state’s solar production tax credit.
  • Community solar systems cut global warming emissions by almost a million tons per year, plus over 400 tons of sulfur and nitrogen oxide emissions that harm public health and the environment.

Off Grid Solar

           Those are some amazing numbers. Very exciting stuff... I love how the solar community is growing faster by the day. It gives me hope for the future... The future of my 2 children, and the future of mankind. It just makes me feel good to hear some great news in a world where there is so much dark. let the light save us. Literally lol.

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