BATTERY SELECTION Part 2 of Building a DIY Off-Grid System

BATTERY SELECTION Part 2 of Building a DIY Off-Grid System

        Ok, So there are so many different kinds, sizes, and prices... How do you know which battery to choose? Plus they can get expensive so it's best to know what your looking for... This brings us to the second part of our series..

Off-Grid Battery

Part 2 Selecting A Battery

        So your batteries store all that natural sunny energy goodness that your solar panels collect during the day so you've got it when you need it... They're pretty important. That's why you should always buy trusted brands from reputable distributors. HERE is a full list of batteries that we trust.

        Now, why cant you just use a car battery? They look the same, right? And they're cheaper. Well, to make sure that everything you need to run off of your system is powered when you need it, and you have energy to last when the sun's not out, you've gotta use whats called a Deep Cycle Battery. Unlike car batteries, a deep cycle battery is engineered for the slow discharge of electricity. so they can charge all day and then slowly discharge some of their capacity when your appliances are on.

        So there are a few things to look at when selecting the right battery. The first is the batteries Capacity and Power Rating.

Off-Grid Energy Capacity

        CAPACITY- The capacity of a battery is literally just how much energy that battery can store at one given time. The Capacity is measured in Kilowatt hours. I'f your not sure how to calculate the Kilowatt hours you consume every day, Refer to the first blog in this series HERE.

        POWER RATING- The power rating of your battery is just how much power that battery can pump out at one time. This is measured in Kilowatts.

        To Summarize, If you get a battery that has a HUGE power rating but a small capacity, You'll get allot of power but only for a short amount of time. You'll have to refer to your list you made from our first blog in this series and decide which batteries will support your needs. Click HERE For more.

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