Do I need a Charge Controller If I Have An Inverter /Charger??

Do I need a Charge Controller If I Have An Inverter /Charger??

        At Wibuy, we strive to get you all of the information you need to live the lifestyle you want. We realize allot of this stuff can become confusing. For instance, we carry inverters AND inverter /chargers. A common question that comes up is do I need a charge controller if I have an inverter /charger?? And I'm gunna go ahead and burst your bubble and say yes. You do still need a charge controller with an inverter /charger.

Wibuy Off-Grid Solutions Inverter /Charger

So what is it Inverting, and what is it charging then???


        So to put it simply, an inverter /charger has 2 functions... It inverts, and it charges lol.. It inverts the DC power coming from your batteries into usable AC power for your appliances and what not. It also charges your batteries from another source if your not quite getting the juice you need. These outside sources can be generators, the grid, etc.. You still need a charge controller because it literally controls how your battery's are being charged. The inverter /charger's charging function... literally... charges your batteries...

How A Solar Inverter/ Charger Works In Off-Grid Applications

        So an Off-Grid inverter /charger will be working in both directions. It will be converting DC to AC from your batteries to your appliances and from AC to DC from your generator to your batteries to keep them topped off. Some inverter /chargers can even start a generator remotely when you battery gets too low so you always have power when you need it. They are pretty cool and great for areas that see tons of terrible weather during the year. You can check out the inverters we carry here.

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