An Introduction To Off-Grid: Part 1 - So Many Different Options

An Introduction To Off-Grid: Part 1 - So Many Different Options

This is an open-ended series.
I want it to take as long as it needs to to cover the things you need to know about off-grid energy; What it IS & What it ISN'T.
We want you to know ALL of your options for going solar or to any other renewable source

There are multiple types of systems to begin making the transfer; you can go full off-grid, this is obviously what we support, but there are very good grid-tie systems that let you offset your energy bills.

Within this, you can do full grid-tie, grid-tie with emergency back-up (hybrid system) and we carry these components as well. With these systems, you can buy them outright, pay off a loan for the system, or lease a system from a solar company.

There is one final option and that is to buy Renewable Energy Credits (or RECs) through voluntary marketplaces. According to, "Anyone, anywhere in the United States can buy renewable energy credits. RECs represent electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power facilities. Any corporation, business, nonprofit, or individual concerned about their carbon footprint can purchase RECs to ensure that their electricity is coming from renewable energy."

This is cool because if you are passionate about solar, but maybe you don't have your own roof or the funds to commit to renewable energy at the time, you can know you are doing your part to help fix the problems of fossil fuels and encourage our energy transition to clean, secure, and renewable energy.
Happy Off-Gridding!!!!
From all of us here @ Wi-Buy Energy

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