ENERGY CONSUMPTION Part 1 of Building a DIY Off-Grid System

ENERGY CONSUMPTION Part 1 of Building a DIY Off-Grid System

8 Steps to Building a DIY Off-Grid Solar System

So.. You want to set up an Off-Grid solar system. I mean, They ARE pretty cool. They save you money in the long run, Your not dependent on state employees when that tree your neighbor didn't cut down last summer took out the power line, and best of all, your drastically reducing your carbon footprint. Sounds fun to me, and basically any homeowner with a toolbox can install one on their own, which will reduce the overall system cost drastically.

But it all seems so complicated and intricate... ITS NOT! It's actually very simple. I've had a harder time putting together some Ikea furniture before then plugging up the solar kits we sell at wibuy. Plus the Off-Grid Solar Generators  we have are portable and don't need any fancy set up at all.

So I've decided to break up this process into an 8 part series to really cover everything you need to know about each step of this process. At the end of this series we'll go over how to put it all together. I'll prove to you just how simple it really is.


What Makes An Off-Grid Solar System

Here's the basics components that make up an off-grid solar system...

  • Solar panel
  • Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Charge controller

See... Simple...

 Off Grid Solar System


 STEP 1....        Calculate your power load

BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING... You have to calculate how much energy you need every day. This is measured in something called Watt Hours and we'll get to that in a second...

  •         The first thing that you need to do is write down everything that needs power in your home. This includes your T.V., Refrigerator, Even the light bulbs that show off your NASCAR dinner plate collection.. Basically anything that uses energy in your home.
  •         The second step is to look up the energy consumption rating of everything on your list. This is typically found on a label somewhere on your bigger appliances. But I mean.... the internet.... That works too.
  •         Next, You'll estimate how many hours you use each device for every day and put that on you list next to each appliance.
  •         Now here comes the part that scares everyone away from this super difficult process. You need to calculate the Watt Hours... I know, I know... I hate math too. But this is just too easy... so your  WATT HOURS = YOUR RUN TIME PER APPLIANCE x YOUR APPLIANCE ENERGY RATING
  •         After you've got your watt hours for everything on you list, all you have to do is add them all together to get you total power consumption needs per day.... Its as simple as that.


 If you just can't make the time to do this right now and you just want a good estimate of what you'll be consuming then FEAR NOT MY FRIEND! Grab your last power bill and head to the very bottom of our home page HERE. We've put an energy calculator there just for you 


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